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Digital Intelligent Solutions

A solution designed specifically for your production and warehousing logistics

Production intelligent manufacturing field

Serving production and manufacturing enterprises, mainly connecting with production processes, material warehouses, and production workshops, providing intelligent and digital solutions for various production processes and processes
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Logistics and distribution field

Serving circulation and distribution enterprises, targeting scenarios such as goods in and out of storage, warehousing, picking, loading and unloading, and distribution, solving problems such as multi product storage, large flow in and out, fast pace picking, and high-precision distribution
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Public service sector

We have utilized advanced logistics systems, IoT devices, and software systems, widely used in hospital internal logistics, medical waste collection and transportation, and solid waste and hazardous waste disposal scenarios, providing intelligent logistics technology support and information security for the public service field
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Production intelligent manufacturing field

Logistics and distribution field

Public service sector

Qualification and strength

Leading the industry with technology and changing the world with innovation
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  • 40+
    Self developed over 40 core devices
  • 50+
    More than 50 qualification certificates
  • 100+/500+
    Over 100 industry senior engineers/over 500 logistics equipment technical service personnel
  • 4000+
    Successfully delivered the integration project
  • 350000+
    Successfully delivered intelligent logistics equipment such as sorting machines, telescopic machines, conveyors, robots, etc

Industry applications

Join hands to witness the path of growth

30 years of industry application experience, providing professional and reliable intelligent logistics and production intelligent manufacturing system solutions

Wheel hub industry

New energy

Postal express delivery

E-commerce industry

Water Sports and Amusement

Chemical fiber industry

Fresh Supermarket

Food Cereals and Oils

Building materials industry

Home Furnishing Industry

Military Industry

Electrical power

petrochemical industry

Automotive components

The pharmaceutical industry

Hospital logistics

Environmental protection industry

Beverage and Liquor Industry


tobacco industry

Railway industry

construction machinery

Battery industry

Daily chemical industry

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